Bermuda, having everything a tourist needs, also has a lot of sources for entertainment. After all day of going places or being on the beach, there are quite a few entertainments on this island. As there is a mixture of different cultures from its population (English, Native American, Irish, Spanish-Caribbean, and Scots), you would find a lot of ways to get entertained after a long day.

Live Music

If music makes your mood better, you must look for the great music places available on the island. You will find both traditional folk and modern music at several sites, and Gombey dancers are the favorites of tourists. Fairmont Southampton has both upscale and local live late-night music that will bring warmth to your heart. If you need a rock party on the go, visiting Pickled Onion is the best choice. Frog & Onion Pub has some great late-night music that you can enjoy with a cold beer and great English pub food. Reefs Resort & Club and Bermuda Bistro at the Beach have different genres of music, and they are excellent places to go for some entertainment.


A lot of tourists like to gamble while traveling as a method of entertainment, but some places might not legalize it.  However, good news to the tourists of Bermuda since the government has already passed legislation of casino gambling. However, you might not find any casinos present. So, in this case, you can stay in your hotel and enjoy some games at online casinos for passing the night. There are tons of sites that you can play on, and as you gamble, you will find the best entertainment in your own room. If you love sports, there are options for betting on it, as well as there are usual casino games online like Blackjack, Roulette, etc.


Did you know that Bermuda is very famous for golf? It is considered to be one of the best golf sites in the entire Atlantic. Port Royal has an excellent green location for golf, where tourists love to visit and play to get their fatigues off. And the beautiful view of the ocean makes this one of the best experiences you will have in Bermuda. So, if you are good with a club or want to give it a try, Port Royal is the best place to go. There are also other places you can visit for golf, including Belmont Hills or the Mid Ocean Club. Other sports are also practiced, but golf seems like a great entertainment source as it is well-known in this place.

Zoo, Aquarium, and Museums

If you got a few hours to spare, you could always go to a zoo, museum or aquarium for entertainment. Kids love these places, and when you have your little ones with you, there are multiple options Bermuda provides that you can choose. The government-owned aquarium and zoo is one of the oldest ones in the entire world. The zoo has many activities to keep you engaged and entertained. For example, you can enjoy animal feeding, animal story time, arts and crafts, snorkeling expeditions, and many more. Over 300 birds, mammals, and reptiles, 200 different types of fish are present in the aquarium and zoo. Visiting these places is a must when you have a little kid with you.